Trevor swinging with children

This August, Trevor Knipe became the Principal of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Nauvoo, Illinois. Trevor was raised in Nauvoo and currently lives in Warsaw with his wife, Ally. He has a dual degree in Sports Management and Business Administration with a minor in Accounting from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL. He is planning on attaining his Masters Degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in Administration. He is proud of his family roots that run deep in Nauvoo. He himself, along with his siblings, father, and aunt have all graduated from Sts. Peter and Paul. His own personal experiences as a student of Sts. Peter and Paul have instilled a pride within him that makes this role more than just a job to him. At his core, Trevor is a family man, he spends his free time with both his and his wife’s families. If you can’t find him at the school, you’ll likely find him playing a round of golf, watching sports or working on his yard. I sat down with Trevor to ask him about his new role, his faith and what being an administrator means to him.

  • Why did you choose a career in education? “To make a difference in the day to day lives of children, to really see the progression they make each and every day.”
  • What made you specifically choose SPPS? “It is simple, this is home.”
  • What is your favorite part about your job? “The relationships I have been able to build with the students. Building an individual relationship with each child is something I have been working hard at. When you get to witness to their growth and development as the days pass it is truly awesome.”
  • Who is your favorite Saint and why? “My favorite Saint is Jerome. He was my confirmation saint and I picked him because he had the same name as someone I truly admired and looked up to, Jerome Manka.”
  • Who is your role model? “Honestly, my parents. My dad’s sternness and toughness combined with my mom’s loving and caring nature is what I strive to be. I’m trying every day to be a good balance of the two.”
  • What motivates you? “To be better than I was yesterday. Trying every single day to be better, never being satisfied with good. I am always trying to chase perfection.”
  • What is your “go-to” prayer and why? “The Our Father, it’s the ultimate peace for me. Whenever I finish that prayer I feel like I hit a rest button. I can pray an Our Father and have a cleansing of whatever I was feeling, it is a way for me to start fresh. After all, it is the big mans words himself.”
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of this school year and why? “Hearing from parents that their child enjoys coming to school, that he or she loves his teacher and the staff here. Our students having a positive relationship with myself and their teachers is awesome.”
  • If you could describe SPPS in one word, what would it be? “Family.”
  • What are you most looking forward to achieving in the future as the Principal of SPPS? “Continuing the prestigious school that we’ve all known to grow and love while simultaneously learning how to grow and adapt as an education facility. I want to give the students that walk through our doors the absolute best opportunity to achieve success.”

 We are so blessed to have Trevor working as our new Principal. We look forward to many years with him!